Meet Ver Co.: Ariana DiValentino, Head of Social

This month we're going to be introducing you to the #BadAssBabes who run Ver Co. First up: Ariana DiValentino, the woman behind the blog and much more.

Ariana DiValentino is a writer, filmmaker, and Ver Co.’s very own Head of Social. We took a second to pick her brain about all things social media, fashion, and career goals. 

Ariana in the Asymmetrical Liza Denim Skirt. Photo by Okie Dokie Studio.

Ariana in the Asymmetrical Liza Denim Skirt. Photo by Okie Dokie Studio.

AM: What’s your name, age, and where do you live?

AD: My name is Ariana DiValentino. I’m 24, and I live in Brooklyn, on the border of East Williamsburg and Bushwick.

AM: Tell us about your day to day as the Head of Social. What's your favorite thing about working at Ver Co.?
AD: In the mornings I usually get online and check our Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and now Pinterest. Apart from that, my days really vary. We might have a meeting, or a shoot, or specific projects that need my attention like a video that needs to be edited or a featured #BadAssBabe who needs to be interviewed. Or if I'm traveling, or just going to a cute bar or coffee shop, I'll wear Ver Co. and have whoever I'm with photograph me for Insta.

I've always loved fashion but have so many issues with the fashion industry. What's great about Ver Co. is that the whole business model is focused on making sustainability stylish. We're giving new life to old things that already exist rather than pumping out more and more new items.

AM: If you had to sum up your career goals in one word, what would it be?
AD: Oh boy. That's tough. I would say maybe...impact? I want my work, be it in fashion or film or whatever, to make some kind of difference. If I can tell a story that makes someone feel seen, or get them to spend less money on unethically produced clothing, that may be a small impact, but it's mine. It's a way I can use my skills to make a difference.

AM: What would you tell younger girls looking to have a similar career to yourself?
AD: You don't have to be wealthy to know your worth. Your career may not look the way you expected, or even like that of anyone else around you, so be patient and give yourself credit. It's better to stay in control of your career and build one you can be proud of, than to hand it over to someone else out of fear.

Ariana in the Theory White Drape Tank. Photo by Okie Dokie Studio.

Ariana in the Theory White Drape Tank. Photo by Okie Dokie Studio.

AM: What's your favorite digital or social media platform?

AD: Maybe it's ironic because I'm a writer – but I love that Instagram is an almost entirely visual platform. I like that everyone, media professional or not, is carefully curating and experimenting with different ways to tell their stories using images. But...Tumblr does have the dankest memes.

AM: Now, let’s talk fashion. How would you describe your style in one word?
AD: Oh, this is too hard. Seasonal? I'm much more femme in the summer because all I want to wear are dresses, whereas in the winter all I want to wear is flannel and my Doc Martens. I don't know. Femininity is only fun when it's convenient.

Maybe if I'm trying a little harder I'd say...eternal? If someone were to photograph me in a particular piece, especially if it's very trendy and of-the-moment, would it be a cringey "look what we wore back then" family photo or a "wow, look what they wore back then" retrospective in a museum or coffee table art book? That's kind of how I try to weigh the difference between looks that are bold and daring in a good way, versus a desperate ploy-for-attention way. Is it beautiful or just popular?

AM: What do you love about vintage?

AD: Normally the bulk of what falls into my budget is fast fashion. Vintage is such a better option because instead of two or three cheapie, trendy dresses that will fall apart within a season, I can get one piece that's better crafted than anything I'd be able to afford at standard retail prices. 

Ariana in the reworked black floral top, coming soon. Photo by Okie Dokie Studio.

Ariana in the reworked black floral top, coming soon. Photo by Okie Dokie Studio.

AM: Do you have a favorite vintage find?

AD: Mm, too many. One of my wardrobe staples is actually something my wardrobe designer put together for a film I'm working on now and shot a while ago. It's a vintage black denim jacket to which she affixed a big, iron-on rose patch from M&J Trimming. It was supposed to be a power piece in the film, and now it's my everyday power piece.

AM: What are your favorite Ver Co items right now?

AD:  Quality is so key when it comes to Ver Co pieces. There are some things that don't look like much when you just look at them in pictures, like the white Ralph Lauren T-shirt or the bleached denim jacket, but they look and feel so good on. Seriously, I don't think I've ever encountered a nicer white T-shirt. I've been borrowing all these pieces to stage mini-shoots with and honestly, you might have a hard time getting them back from me. (Kidding!!)

AM: What's the worst trend you've ever participated in?

AD: Cardigans. I think it was inspired by Gossip Girl, which is still such a fashionable show – it holds up! – but preppy is just so not me, and I wasn't doing it right. I would wear these cardigans in all different colors with weird jeans that were sort of popular at the time, boot-cut with thick, white stitching, and it was just somehow both too young and too mature of a look for me. Not my best.

Alana Mann is the founder of Ver Co.