Talking Philanthropy with Karina Rappaccioli

All of our #BadAssBabes do a million different awesome things. Karina dedicates her time outside her 9-5 to hosting fundraising events to get the next generation more involved & excited about giving back to Latin America. This week, we caught up with her about her organization, Lolita!

AM: What's your name, age, and where do you live? 

KR: My name is Karina Rappaccioli. I’m 25, and I live in Kips Bay, Manhattan.

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AM: What do you do for work? 

KR: I work at a primary research consultancy. We conduct primary research studies to help our clients solve their business problems or answer their questions. I am a Project Director, which means I lead accounts and manage the project from start to finish, at the end providing our clients with our finds and actionable recommendations. Most of my clients have been in the Media & Entertainment industry, which I love, because the material is so interesting and the work is fast paced and fun!

AM: Tell us a little bit about your fundraising campaigns and the work you do outside of your 9-5!

KR: Back in January, a small group of friends and I started an organization called Lolita Foundation. Really the idea came about because one of my friends wanted to throw big parties and events in New York, catering to young professionals, and particularly the Latin community. We have a big network of friends from college and home that live in NYC. Another friend wanted a way to raise funds for a non profit in my home country, called Mentores Solidarios. They help fund the education of under-resourced children in remote areas of Nicaragua. Our heads came together and we organized our first event in January. Since then, we've successfully planned four events, raising about $8-10k for each one, and helping a different non-profit focused on children's education and well being in Latin America. Everything we raise goes directly to those organizations. We are now expanding to other cities in the U.S. as well, which is so exciting! It's been an unexpected but extremely rewarding venture.

AM: How did you get involved in fundraising? 

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KR: I've always wanted to be part of a charitable organization in the city. Being involved in charity work is something that's always been part of my life, but living and working in NYC, with so much going on, it's been hard to find time. Co-creating Lolita has been a blessing, and is not just helping all these non-profits but has also helped me in many ways. It's amazing to see how coming together to plan these events, giving people a great excuse to have an amazing time, and making an impact for the kids, really changes your perspective on how you take advantage of your day to day. It's also made me happier all around, and given me something important to focus on outside of my 9-5.

AM: If you had to sum up your career goals in one word, what would it be?

KR: Perseverance.

AM: What advice would you give to your 18 year old self?

KR: Don't get disheartened. And don't get lazy. Life is going to test you every single day and you have to constantly fight through and come out strong on the other side. Good things will happen for you but you have to reach for them yourself. Make things happen!


AM: How would you describe your style in one word?

KR: Bold.

AM: What do you love about vintage?

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KR: I love that it tells a story. Every piece has history and has come to be this beautiful garment because of what it was before.

AM: Do you have a favorite vintage find?

KR: This really cute, light floral jacket. It's actually somewhere between a jacket and blazer, but I have had it for years and is always such a good accent piece for a simple outfit. 

AM: What's the worst trend you've ever participated in?

KR: My friends and I got it into our heads that very wide, plastic belts looked great on tight dresses. We looked something out of a bad 80s music video.

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